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‘Gadi’ or ‘Gari’ in the local language means fort. The Damsang Gadi is one of the only two forts in the entire district of Kalimpong and Darjeeling. The last Lepcha King- Gyabo Achuk is said to have built and dtayed at htis fort before he lost it to the Bhutanese who then lost it to the British in the Anglo-Bhutanese war of 1864 AD. The ruins of the fort, ever since then, have been in that condition. The pine trees in that region give it a different charm and feel!


Also known as a miniature enclosed Switzerland, it is a huge pasture surrounded by pine trees, a perfect picnic and a camping spot. During the rainy season this little place becomes something like a small lake. The folklore of this place mention silence valley as a lake many years ago.


A 15/20 minutes forest road walk form Binayak Homestay, Tinchuley is a ‘three hills structure. It offers one of the best 360 degree views in Pedong. You can view the mountain range in the front and the thick pine forest below and around the hills, and yes you can also get a glimpse of the famous Sillery Gaon!


Once a small hamlet, in the midst of the forest, Sillery is now a popular tourist attraction with a lot of concrete and huge buildings. the open sky above, the trees around and the mountain range towards the north make Sillery very appealing especially at dusk.


Other than the above mentioned places, there are loads of tourist spots – popular as well as secluded. We have listed down some of them along with the distance they are situated from Binayak Homestay.

Cross Hill Pedong – 3 km
Chummerchin Monastery – 1 km
Sanchen Dorjee Monastery – 3 km
Rikkisum – 8 km
Reshi Khola – 12 km
Lava – 22 km
Rishop – 20 km
Changay waterfalls – 25 km